söndag 11 mars 2012

På terasstrappan

Mamma Opal, Ögonstenen Laban, Lisa och Linus

Laban, Lisa och Linus

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  1. Hi!

    These puppies are the best! They are clever - they quickly learn the rules you set for them, and they learn any tricks amazingly rapidly. They are interested in everything, and they are brave!

    I know it well because we have the their sister, Lacey, with us in Helsinki, Finland. Lacey is a cute little dog. All our family loves her (and she has charmed all other people in the neighborhood as well). Our children are of age 11, 10 and 8 and Lacey would come to all of us equally nicely! Lacey loves to sit on your lap whenever you sit down. She also happily accepts other people and all kind of dogs. She has played with much bigger dogs (e.g a boxer) as well. She enjoys playing with her toys on her own (or if possible, playing with her toys on your lap ). And she learns SO quickly all the tricks you teach her!

    All the advice we got from Madeleine were really good: We bought a transportation box, which Lacey uses as her sleeping place, and the box is placed in a fencing (hage) so that Lacey has the safe area and does not need to guard the whole apartment. She is so cute when she walks into her box to sleep . If she feels like “going to the toilet” in the middle the night or during her morning sleep, she conveniently finds the newspaper-toilet and then she silently walks back to the box to continue sleeping. (In the day time, if I take a nap, she comes to sleep next to me ).

    These puppies will have a healthy, long live - they have very good pedigree (stamtavla)! And they are the cutest with the beautiful masks on their faces!
    Just go ahead and get your papillon boy from Madeleine's Ögonstenen! Hopefully we could one day have a puppy-meeting, too :-)

    BR.Elisa från Helsingfors, Finland

  2. Thank you Elisa for your positive report!